We Offer Services In:


Through our elite team of writers and connection to the industry, we deliver scripting and productions services stretching from:

  • → Full length and Short Film Production.
  • → Content Creation for Television and Radio.
  • → Content Creation for New Media (Blogs and Youtube).
  • → Digital Campaign Ads.
  • → Publishing Services.


Our team of I.T Experts delivers responsive web platforms that are user friendly and dynamic. We create and manage:

  • → Websites.
  • → E-commerce.
  • → Media Hosting.
  • → Web & Mobile Applications.
  • → Data Management.
  • → Digital Marketing.
  • → Private Servers for Businesses and Security Operations.


We offer a variety of Trade Services through our link to numerous manufacturers and service providers in China for buyers of products (Ready-made or Custom Request) ranging from:

  • → Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • → Computer gadgets and Accessories.
  • → Clothing and Fabric.
  • → TV and Electronics.
  • → Furniture and Construction.
  • → Games and Consuls


We offer Management Consultancy Services to individuals and organizations looking to:

  • → Manage brand or Improve organizational image.
  • → Maximize Brand Growth.

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