Vision and Mission


It has always been a dream to build a platform where customer care and satisfaction is of Paramount concern; not only with me as a perfectionist, this is the natural attitude of every staff and associate of KWANGILA HUB. Business to us is a pact, one we uphold with outmost integrity.

In whatever capacity we are engaged in within our services in Media Production, I.T Solutions, and Business and Trade, we thrive on building a trust not just earned through our timely delivery of completed projects, but also through genuine looking out for our client’s interests.


The future has never been more promising; our laid out plans to grow a formidable Media Production Company (KwangilaSTUDIO) engaging in multi-million naira projects telling powerful and daring stories is only one of many long term ambitions of the company. Building one of the largest Media Production Complex in Nigeria is our ultimate goal; one we are working tirelessly to achieve.

With our sufficient pool of skilled work force and the tremendous market potential, we are on our way to becoming a leading builder of and key investor in commercially viable businesses cutting across multiple lucrative industries.

Abubakar Abdallah
CEO and Founder

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