About Kwangila Hub

KWANGILA HUB is a Trading Company playing intermediary roles between manufacturers and buyers of product and services. Our range covers products from various industries including Textile, Consumer Electronics, Custom Apparels and other allied trades.

We are more than just a platform we are a go-to community where your needs are catered for by experienced industry-specific Specialists and Subject Matter Experts.

Since our inception in 2018, we have worked diligently to build a platform comprising of manufacturers that produce top quality products, as well as securing a shipping and delivery network that is unfailing and effective. Today, we have not only realized these goals, we have secured partnerships with some of the leading companies and agencies in the above subject industries.

We strive to become major contributors in the sectors we operate in by functioning uncompromisingly to deliver on our promise of satisfactory services to our clients while adhering to ethical and licensed conduct of contract; we are not just in the business of providing top-notch services and impacting brands; we impact individuals too.

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