About Kwangila Hub

KWANGILA HUB is more than just a platform, it is a go-to community where your professionally instigated needs are catered for by experienced industry-specific Specialists and Subject Matter Experts.

Our team and work attitude is one that draws you into the family giving you that participatory feeling on every project we are engaged in; we do not just understand what you want and then give you a finished product… No! We take you through the journey to the extent you become familiar with some aspect of the complexity of your needs.

We are not solely in the business of impacting brands; we impact individuals too. We strive to be a recognized entity in the sectors we operate by functioning uncompromisingly to deliver on a promise of satisfactory services to our clients while adhering to ethical and professional conduct of contract.

Browse our services and see the amazing things we do, then contact us effortlessly blow your mind with original content, a professional remodeling of your brand or even provide a most cost effecting plan if you want to purchase anything from China whether as a business owner or for private use.

KWANGILA HUB is a Business oriented and Management Consulting Firm offering services in Media, I.T Solutions, Trade and other allied interests. We provide access to industry-specific specialists and subject matter expertise with decades of active experience in related professions.

We Offer Services In:


Through our elite team of writers and connection to the industry, we deliver scripting and productions services stretching from:

  • → Full length and Short Film Production.
  • → Content Creation for Television and Radio.
  • → Content Creation for New Media (Blogs and Youtube).
  • → Digital Campaign Ads.
  • → Publishing Services.


Our team of I.T Experts delivers responsive web platforms that are user friendly and dynamic. We create and manage:

  • → Websites.
  • → E-commerce.
  • → Media Hosting.
  • → Web & Mobile Applications.
  • → Data Management.
  • → Digital Marketing.
  • → Private Servers for Businesses and Security Operations.


We offer a variety of Trade Services through our link to numerous manufacturers and service providers in China for buyers of products (Ready-made or Custom Request) ranging from:

  • → Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • → Computer gadgets and Accessories.
  • → Clothing and Fabric.
  • → TV and Electronics.
  • → Furniture and Construction.
  • → Games and Consuls


We offer Management Consultancy Services to individuals and organizations looking to:

  • → Manage brand or Improve organizational image.
  • → Maximize Brand Growth.

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